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Launched in 1985, Evergreen is a quarterly publication that takes readers on a leisurely journey around the highways and byways of Great Britain. Each 148-page issue is a treasury of fascinating articles, entertaining snippets, inspiring pieces of poetry, and photographs in full colour and black and white highlighting the interesting places, colourful customs and the rich history and heritage of our country which can be found round every corner.

Many of the articles are gently nostalgic, awakening memories of less hurried days which can be shared with like-minded readers on the lively letters page. Especially popular are the regular features which shine a spotlight on favourite films, television programmes and musical entertainers from the past. Evergreen also celebrates Great Britain’s proud literary heritage with articles following in the footsteps of poets and novelists, both famous and lesser known. The magazine enjoys a close relationship with its worldwide readership, with a number of features inviting them to make their own contributions; favourite recipes, best-loved books and examples of sayings, stories and bits and pieces of verse they have gathered during their lives.

Evergreen, once described as “a tonic for tired minds”, never contains anything that is vulgar or likely to cause offence and, unlike many magazines today, is not crammed full of adverts. These are restricted to a few pages at the back.

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