DC Thomson Media Games produces fun, convenient and surprising mobile games for people of all ages.

Our games all have a focus on originality and fun, with many featuring multiplayer modes and a strong educational streak. Our games can be found on the Apple App Store, the Google Play store and the Amazon App Store.


Our games portfolio includes;

  1. ‘WordBling’ – based on the classic word search puzzle game, ‘WordBling’ is sure to make you laugh with its hundreds of unique and amusing themes.
  2. ‘TriviAlist’ – a new trivia game about the biggest, the best, the most famous and the most infamous. It’s a game all about the ‘A – lists’ of life. Can you SORT, MATCH and SELECT all the lists we throw at you?
  3. ‘Family House’ – the ultimate dollhouse where you create and share adorable likenesses of you and your family and friends. Build your house into a grand and fantastic mansion through fun quests – a mansion that also serves as a family tree showing you and your ancestors like never before.
  4. ‘The Shape of Things’ – a beautiful, hypnotic and challenging trivia quiz game that tests your recognition skills. Identify all the famous people, iconic places and objects from just the shape of their outlines. Play alone or challenge friends. It’s free to play and you’ll also earn bonus achievement points to spend in our other games. What’s not to like?

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