This England

Launched in 1968 with the light-hearted slogan, “as refreshing as a pot of tea”, This England is the quarterly magazine for all who love our green and pleasant land. Each 84-page issue is packed with interesting articles, beautiful colour photographs, uplifting pieces of poetry and informative readers’ letters celebrating all that is best about England and the English way of life.

Our historic towns and picturesque villages, our lovely countryside, our colourful customs, curiosities and traditions, our history and our heritage all are explored and enjoyed through spring, summer, autumn and winter.

This England is unashamedly patriotic, vigorously campaigning to make more people aware of St George’s Day and the stirring story of England’s patron saint whose virtues of courage, duty and self-sacrifice continue to inspire. The magazine is a staunch supporter of the monarchy and of Britain’s armed forces, and in each issue awards a special “Silver Cross of St George” to English men and women who, perhaps through their charity work, displays of heroism, or the shining example they have set to others, deserve to be recognised.

Over the years, This England has built up a loyal readership around the world that regularly enjoys the magazine’s wide variety of articles. These include visits to those corners of the country associated with English writers, nostalgic articles about life in England during the past 30 or 40 years, stories about interesting English people both past and present, and items about our magnificent stately homes, historic churches and the myriad aspects of London which make England’s capital the most exciting city in the world.

The main driving force behind This England is to provide readers with interesting, uninterrupted editorial material, so the only advertisements in the magazine are restricted to a few pages at the back.

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